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Bankruptcy and good faith

The firm’s attorneys have successfully protected the trustee in another separate insolvency case № A41-84725/20. Moscow Regional Arbitration Court took a judgement in favor of our client on the 26th of October 2021. The debtor`s trustee was refused to declare the transaction null and void on the basis of articles 10 and 168 of Russian Federation Civil Code.

Follow this link to see the announced part of the judgement https://kad.arbitr.ru/Document/Pdf/3bb5287c-5cc0-4806-92b6-3c07ef3ca779/2e241791-6283-4b0d-b85a-0f4e0a795e8c/A41-84725-2020_20211026_Opredelenie.pdf?isAddStamp=True 

Creditor in the case of bankruptcy was represented by the partner of the firm Emelyanov Valeriy.