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Natalia Breeva, LLM

Natalia Breeva

Natalia specializes on legal advice in projects for construction of holding structures, restructuring of business, execution of business-processes of companies. Natalia focuses on complex issues of Russian and foreign corporate law, antimonopoly law of Russia, international commerce.

Natalia has significant multilateral experience of legal support of activities of holding structures that consist of companies of different jurisdictions, restructuring of companies with the aim to raise efficiency of corporative management and protection of rights of business proprietors.

Natalia provides legal assistance for holding structures from formation of organizational and legal model of business to sale, division or whole liquidation. Thus, in 2009 she provided legal advice and organized structuring of transaction for sale of international industrial holding. Price of the transaction composed more than 30 million US dollars. In 2011 Natalia provided legal advice for restructuring and further sale of international industrial holding, located in Russia and Ukraine. The price of transaction was more than 60 million US dollars.

Natalia also carried out full legal support of IPO (bonds, common cost of issue 1 billion rubles), interim management of credit arrears of holding companies, management of debit arrears, assistance of projects of withdrawal and sell of minor assets. 

In total since 1997, Natalia carried out more than 100 projects for legal advice for current and investment activities of Russian companies in Russia and abroad, and also of foreign companies in the territory of Russia. Industry experience of Natalia is in the fields of intellectual property (software etc.), industry including production of techniques for mining oil and gas, commerce (export and import).

Natalia masters English.