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Protection of intellectual property

Do you create new software or another creative product and do your works attract the attention of market? Probably, you act alone or with a group of accomplices. You have began recently but is it already clear that Your product would be successful on the market, software would be sold with success, it would find its consumer and further expansion of business would require involvement of investors.

Is it necessary to create legal entity for formalization of intellectual property? If it is needed, in what jurisdiction- in Russia or in foreign jurisdiction? Is it necessary to formalize intellectual property? How much does it cost to formalize intellectual property? What is the best way to do it?

How to execute relations between creators of software? How to hire specialists that they would make the part of the product and wouldn’t get rights for the whole product because the relations between them are not formalized properly? 

On every stage we are ready to help you to formalize the results of intellectual activity:

  • for getting good price while purchasing business;
  • for fair distribution of profit between business-partners (authors of intellectual property);
  • for protection from illegal encroachments of third parties on intellectual property (program for computer etc.);
  • for protection of commercial secret;
  • for attracting investors (venture fond or another investor).

Lawyers of law firm “Breeva, Emelyanov and Partners” are ready to take the conduct of legal part of your creative process during its prolongation and between all participants. We would propose effective and if necessary individual instruments for protection of intellectual property and management of intellectual property.