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Restructuring of business

Restructuring of business allows solving the complex of problems:

  • to formalize possession of business and not to reveal personal data about yourself;
  • to formalize relations with partner and not to lose your business;
  • to formalize business structure, to build holding company and control business;
  • to create system of business management, to execute allocation of competence between managing bodies and set control in business; 
  • to formalize right on existing assets and to protect them;
  • to find out minor assets and to determine its destiny, to cut down expenses;
  • to control cash-flow inside the business and with counteragents;
  • to optimize document control and taxes to cut down expenses. 

During the restructuring of business our lawyers would help you to make analysis of the present situation in business (quality of management and business contacts as well as inside the holding company, as with the third parties), including: 

  • legal analysis of structure of possession of business and management structure: analysis of existing structure of holding structure (possession of shares, stocks), founding documents, management bodies (board of directors, directors). This would allow understanding how effective the existing structure of business possession and management in the whole is. 
  • legal analysis of assets (are they duly formalized or no, if they are formalized – who is the beneficiary, are there any encumbrances and etc.) This would allow to understand how effective is the possession of assets, how they can be protected from the third  parties;  
  • legal analysis of business-processes and business contacts. This would allow to understand is there the economical efficiency of business, to obtain control over points of income and optimize the protection from counteragents in treaties;
  • finding out of legal risks connected with existing system of corporative business management, possession of assets, with existing business-processes, contract relations.

Our team would also propose variants for reducing and canceling of the risks and optimization of business-processes:

  • variants of business structure, construction of holding structure,
  • variants of formalization of holding possession, formalization of business partners relations;
  • variants of property formalization  on assets;
  • variants of withdrawal of minor assets;
  • variants of optimization of document control.

During the restructuring of business lawyers of our firm would elaborate the plan of business restructuring that would include: 

  • List of events that would be fulfilled;
  • List of documents that should be changed;
  • List of documents that should be excluded from business work;
  • List of documents that should be included in the work;             
  • List of concrete actions that should be performed;
  • Definition of responsible persons;
  • Definition of terms of realization of each step.