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Out-of-court settlement (mediation) of conflict of business partners

Out-of-court settlement of every conflict is always more preferable for businessman. This method of resolving conflict economically is much more profitable and, of course, much quicker than of other legal procedures. You shouldn’t forget that corporate conflict that got known to public could reflect on the capitalization of the company (share quotation, company clients’ attitude to this conflict, investment attraction and bank “rating” of your business) and inner business climate.

That’s why we recommend passing the first step of solving the conflict in the form of negotiations with the partner, to be prepared for this meeting as for negotiations, that is to prepare thesis of meeting, in which it should be included:

- topic of meeting,

- description of positive sides of the partner, assessment of his contribution to the common affair;

- agenda for discussion,

- variants of decision, pluses and minuses of each decision,

- variants of decision execution.

Our law firm offers the whole specter of services for out-of-court settlement of conflicts of business partners. We would be glad to help you prepare thesis for meeting with the partner, to elaborate variants of conflict solution and to execute legally correctly relations of partners and to incarnate them in life.

Our team has multilateral successful experience of presenting interests of business partners in corporative and other business-conflicts on before-court stage of settlement of such conflicts. We would be glad to help you to settle your conflict and make that the conflict would only consolidate your positions in business and would make it only more successful.