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Structuring of holdings

Professional structuring of relations inside each corporation, that we would be named holding henceforth, has key importance for successful development of your business. Different models could be chosen while holding structuring. These models depend on the “nature” of business, shareholder’s (owner’s) aim, chosen methods of control of accepting and executing decisions in holding etc. 

Specialists of law firm “Breeva, Emelyanov and Partners” have 10 years of successful experience of legal advice for leading Russian and foreign organizations concerning the issues of building and optimization of relations inside holdings.

While elaborating the structure of holding:

    1. Determination of parent company as center of concentration of cash-flow from business;

    2. Choice of place of registration of parent company:

        2.1.Russiaor foreign jurisdiction;

        2.2. If the client has chosen foreign jurisdiction, concrete place of jurisdiction is defined beyond the borders ofRussia(offshore, onshore, foreign state);

    3. Schematic execution of existing structure of holding and existing relations inside it;

    4. Definition of place of receiving of the income- optimization of taxation, choice and assistance of transferring business in the zone with optimal taxation;

    5. Taking decision by the client concerning if there will be division of operational activity from assets;

    6. Proposal by lawyers of our firm the variants of holding structure;

    7. Concordance of scheme of holding structure chosen by the client;

    8. Realization of project of holding structuring as part of the project.