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Support for «start up» projects

When we talk about “Start up”, we usually mean creation of new business-project or new direction of existing business.  In such projects we are ready not only to provide you with necessary legal instruments, but to advise you how to use these instruments with maximal effect.

We are ready to help you to build relations with all the members of the team, who take part in creation of such project, including the lawyer, thus, they would be “partners at this project”, not only  salaried employees.

In “start up” projects we provide the following services:

1. Oral and written advice regarding the issues connected with the beginning of business.

2. Participation in business-plan formulation.

3. Formulation of project realization plan. Supplying of project realization “step by step plan as project manager.

4. Execution of partner relations in business. Execution of shareholders agreements.

5. Choozing of the most effective form  of incorporation, usability of non-resident choice  in  setting up of a new structure or setting up of companies in the countries of CIS or another foreign jurisdiction.

6. Elaboration of articles of association and inner documents of new legal entity.

7. Elaboration of system of management bodies of new business and allocation of competence between management bodies.    

8. Obtaining permission for creating legal entity in Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia and in other governmental bodies.  

9. Registration of legal entity inRussiaor in other chosen foreign jurisdiction.

10. Registration of issue of shares in Federal Financial Markets Service of Russia in case when form of joint stock company is chosen.

11. Registration of branch business and representation of a company inRussia.

12. Assistance in making a choice: whether it better to do business with a general director or managing company, execution of employment agreement with general director and agreement with managing company of new company.

13. Assistance in making a choice between accountant employed and outsourcing. Contract execution with accountant and with consulting company for bookkeeping and tax accounting.

14. Formalization of labor relationships with employees.

15. Identification of business-processes of the project, its realization, elaboration of contracts and documents for business-processes, tax optimization.

16. Confidential information and commercial secret system construction for protecting your business.

17. Formalization of the created software, for its assessment, put into balance sheet and protection.

18. Assistance in registration of intellectual property, rights for domain name, for created site, corporate identity.

19. Execution and analysis of treaties, agreements and other documents, made during the project realization.

20. Assistance in constructing system of executing sales including elaboration and analysis of all necessary documentation, methodical recommendations and rules for employees.