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Court representation of business partners

Rendering wide specter of services for presenting interests of clients in courts, the law firm “Breeva, Emelyanov and Partners” has rich experience of presenting client interests concerning corporative disputes.

In the domain of corporative disputes we provide assistance in elaboration of strategy of participant behavior in corporative conflict. Mentioned strategy embraces before-court and court stages of this conflict.

We accumulated experience of assistance of different corporate conflicts:

1) Between business owners:

  • regarding non-fulfillment of members (shareholders) agreement
  • regarding repayment of debt;
  • regarding exclusion of shareholder from LLC;
  • regarding transferring about participant rights and obligations of buyer of share, if such share was sold with violation of prerogative right of appropriation of share;

2) Between shareholders of the corporation and the corporation:

  • regarding recognition of members (shareholders) decision invalid;
  • regarding recognition of major transaction or transaction with interest invalid;
  • regarding ransom of shares by corporation;
  • regarding withdrawal of participant from corporation;
  • about real value of share of the corporation;
  • about recognition of fail of increase of equity capital.

3) Disputes with management bodies of corporation:

  • with member of Board of directors;
  • with member of supervision board of company,
  • with sole executive body of company (director, general director, president etc.),
  • with temporary sole executive body,
  • with member of collegial executive body of company,
  • with managing company or manager. 

We would be glad to help you to settle the corporative conflict and make that conflict wouldn’t repeat again in future.